Sunday, April 2, 2017

Can Telemarketing Test Measure Of Success

Before you assume telemarketing is getting phased out, you would be surprised how much use it still has when it comes to measuring success. You do not always need to generate leads directly through telemarketing calls either. There are other ways that telemarketing can be used to measure your overall marketing success regardless if it adds to it or not.

Other Ways To Test With Telemarketing

As a prime example, internet traffic has often been used by many software businesses today as a mark of success. Questioning its value has also become another recent trend however. Using telemarketing, you can find ways to see if there really is any point in drawing all that online attention for software leads.
  • Traffic versus customer profile – Can you really imagine your prospects spending enough time on the net to give you that traffic? Sometimes hearing them more directly via inbound telemarketing will provide something you can either compare or contrast. Do you have that many people surfing for you despite little time or is one person doing something to unethically produce that traffic?
  • Authenticating responses from traffic – If your traffic has been getting a lot of responses from supposed prospects, why not send a telemarketing call to make sure they are not generated by spam bots? It is also a fact that contact forms do not necessarily count as leads until you engage the prospect in further conversation. Telemarketing may be just one way to do it but it is also among the fastest.
  • Determining the value of traffic – Sometimes taking note of your traffic can be more of a distraction when you have the same telemarketing conversations or leads, like accounting software leads, despite any rises or falls. At this point, it might be time to look to other areas of your marketing strategy to see what is really behind your success.
Think of traffic like the social media profiles of your online friends. Telemarketing is the part where you see if you can meet up with these friends and see what they are really like. There can be a great disconnect between your relationship online or it could only add to the conversation you already had. There may not be a need to dismiss traffic’s value completely in your software lead generation campaign but it pays to have a process that is more ‘real’ to measure its role in your success.

Telemarketing Tips – Misc Problems That Are Still Risky

What seems to be a trivial problem in telemarketing can still be a major obstacle once you actually sit down and try to make a call yourself. If miscommunication occurs already at the start of the call, you will have difficulty prolonging it into anything that will result in a lead or appointment. It is like accidentally mislabeling costs and certain taxes in accounting. The effects on your telemarketing strategy could still be catastrophic.
The Trivial Telemarketing Problems That Are Not So Trivial
One of the things that these deceptively ‘trivial’ problems have in common is that they happen in the single moment when your telemarketing agents are doing the simple tasks of making the calls. If you are an accounting business, you would expect these calls to tell everything your salespeople need to hear about your prospects’ accounting concerns. Here are some of the ‘petty’ problems that might actually choke the qualified accounting leads you need:
  • Thick accents – This is not to poke fun at your prospects. However, even when just requesting information, less skilled telemarketing agents may not be able to understand completely because pronunciations are different. Tones are also compromised by the nature of the prospect’s native tongue. Remedies to this are either agents who are adjusted to hearing these or at least a quality analyst who does.
  • Poor telecom tech – If either you or your prospects have a really bad line, your telemarketing agents must try and find other ways to communicate. Of course, they can also attempt to try and understand past the static. Either way, consult other means to verify the information to avoid misspellings and use email so that prospects can better word their problems.
  • Buggy database hardware – Poor tech does not end in the phone. It can also extend to the databases use. If you are an accounting firm, you probably know the risk of using worn out hardware to store critical financial information. The same applies in telemarketing services. Slow download times and corrupt data are just some of the nightmares in store unless you upgrade your telemarketing tech (even just a little bit).
These are actually quite basic requirements for telemarketing (whether you are outsourcing it or setting it up in-house). Improve your listening skills, fix up both your telecom and database tech or else your underestimation will lead to serious accounting lead generation problems.

Why Targeted Sales Leads Can Sometimes Be Better than Public Attention

In this day and age, most marketers still think that the best way to maximize the number of potential clients is being as popular as you can.
And to an extent, there are a lot of facts supporting this idea. Companies like Salesforce and Goldman Sachs are well known faces in the business world. They’re big brands, wield a tremendous amount of influence, and get tons of press coverage (both good and bad).
Although, that doesn’t mean you’re set up to lose when you’d rather generate a substantial amount of sales leads without necessarily being a public face.
What you should be focusing on are targeted sales leads. Of course, even large brands could be carefully selecting their target markets for all you know. The difference between you and them however, can be startling:
  • You have fewer people watching you – Large brands, more likely than not, have a lot of eyes on them so there’s probably double the pressure to keep their marketing strategies a big corporate secret. You on the other hand won’t have to hide too much. And with less pressure, your sales teams can put more focus on defining ideal customers and communicating with them instead of watching out for who else might be listening.
  • Fewer third parties – Focusing on private relationships between businesses also means you have fewer people to please. (Did you know that private corporations in the U.S. are reporting faster sales growth since 2012?) When you can worry less about the press, your shareholders (other than customers and employees), and even the government, you have more brainspace to think about finding serving targeted clients.
  • Less pressure to get gimmicky – You don’t have to push your lead generators to adopt campaigns that would otherwise seem irrelevant if not for the public shock value. For example, Easter might be fun but you know enough about your customers to say that adopting the theme of the holiday won’t do much marketing-wise. Therefore, there’s less pressure to try costly, risky marketing stunts.
Garnering public attention can have explosive results. But when you’ve figured out that targeting individual prospects has proven better for your business, there’s no harm pushing through and forsaking the fame game. Nurturing your customers can sometimes be a far better investment than having all eyes on you.

Advertising Accounting leads may be tricky but works great

In accounting, we are able to understand the concept of money and how you can give better understanding on how taxes and other related topics about accounting works. but it seems today that many student are currently picking accounting courses because they heard its pay are good. Yes the pay is good but the problem with that is, not all CPA will be endorsed. With basic accounting understanding you can do your own easy budgeting and organizing. 
But what really complicates things is that few CPA’s are being endorse, due to the fact that CPA are growing in numbers and not all businesses will want incompetent CPA’s, so businesses based it on the CPA’s grade, or just the usual interview. Some businesses might find hiring a CPA on their own might be hard so they’ll ask companies that provides Financial Services or Accounting Leads to help them choose which one is best for their company.
Advertising Accountants
Accountants are growing rapidly, and it doesn’t stop there. Some accountants are being put in the I.C(Individual Contractor) status. So they just go their and work then if all is finish, quits or find another company to work for. But it seems that companies hires CPA’s intern to help veteran CPA’s in organizing messy paper works. 
So how can we advertise accountants? Well, nowadays advertising or endorsing a person best works in LinkedIn, where they use it as their resume. Advertising may require you to pay a lot of cash just so your name will be spread throughout the marketing industry. but you don’t need to pay a single dime if you know how too.
A small tips for your accounting leads
Searching for an accounting leads may require a thorough research about who to pick and what’s great about him/her. but the main reason why you’re searching because you’re in need of an accountant that can get things done. Of course, you may like to ask yourself this question before picking an accounting leads “Will they bring me better result next month?”

Telemarketing Tip: Conceal, don’t feel

Telemarketing requires you to hold emotions that might get you fired once you don’t know how to conceal it, so you won’t feel.
Frozen is so last, last year, and it’s been overrun by Big hero 6 which is also so last year. What’s new now is Inside Out, a movie about an 11-years old emotion, Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger.
I honestly haven’t watched the movie and only read the reviews they’re getting and I honestly want to say, I want to watch it so badly. It tackles the emotions which also being studied in psychology course. I love to study this
kind of things, behavior of people and what’s on their mind, even though it’s 55% predicting and 45% analyzing.

Moods Diagram Meaning Emotions And State Of Mind
Most of my friends are customer service representatives, and they usually get angry most of the time they’re at work. Saying foul words and mocking customer when the calls end. Everyone is like this, everyone who is irritated by people are getting angrier by the second. We are always consumed by our emotions that for some reason, we radically change.
Concealed emotions aren’t good for you
As much as we want to conceal specific emotions, we are endangering ourselves in the process. Every emotions works as a team, where someone is the cause and the other will be its result. Take for example a sad memory that will become a happy one in the end of that sad event. Our emotions works the same as our mind does.
Concealed emotions are turning the other cheek. And will only burst when you least expect it would, whether it might be Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear and even Joy. Of course there are 3 more basic emotions, which include Trust, anticipation and Surprise.
This doesn’t only goes to telemarketers, everyone is experiencing burst emotions, we must be mindful of what we say and what we heard, cause a little misunderstanding can burst Anger.

Use Appointment Setting To Free Prospects From Restraints

Some financial service providers use appointment setting campaigns to promise security. However, some prospects in turn interpret security as constantly pinching pennies and feel that is enough. They do not need your expertise even though the real message behind your appointment setting strategy is to free prospects from such restraints!
Your Appointment Setting Campaign Should Be Out To Break Chains
There is plenty of good reason to use appointment setting campaigns as a means to encourage spending as much as saving. The problem is that the most hesitant prospects equate spending with splurging. A true leader in the financial  industry knows that is not about how much money is spent or saved. It is about how all of that ultimately achieves the desire of a business prospect.
For example, instead of an appointment setting process that evaluates how less your prospects spend on certain processes, see how those decisions are impacting their business. Are they denying something critical? Is their business dying out? Are their workers unhappy? If these are not questions you normally use to generate qualified financial leads, best start asking them now. If not, here are just some of the consequences:
  • Slow to zero business growth – Their finances are steadily increasing but are they really all right with its rate? Such prospects need your appointment setting campaigns to make them aware of how slow growth is a negative. They constantly struggle to get by with barely any improvements year after year. And all for what? Increasing their bank account? What good is that when they refuse to spend?
  • Business fears come alive – Does your prospect fear competition? Do they fear expansion? These are some things your appointment setting process should also look into. Make them realize that if they constantly hesitate to gain advantages, they are only securing themselves to see such fears come true. This does not mean irrational financial decisions but simply a note that shows fear can be just as irrational.
  • Vulnerability to misconceptions – Financial appointment setting campaigns are part of prospect education. Education is the remedy to misconceptions that were mostly likely planted into prospects’ heads. Now it is your job to use your appointment setting process to enlighten them on the truth about false, limiting financial beliefs.
What is the point of your prospects’ businesses when all they do is deny themselves the things that makes those businesses grow? Your appointment setting campaign could be the one thing they need to have them reflect on what they really wanted out of their ventures. Start acquiring your financial sales leads, like credit card processing leads, accounting leads, tax consulting leads, auto insurance leads, with the intention to free prospects from their own misinformed restraints.

Telemarketing Insightful What-Ifs

When people hear telemarketing and insurance, they usually start expecting a bad pitch that bombards with bad what-if scenarios. How can you turn that around for your own auto insurance company? The answer is simple: your telemarketing tactics should only propose what-ifs that actually have a point.
Using Telemarketing To Tackle Only The Most Likely Scenarios
Telemarketing conversations regarding insurance often turn out bad because a prospect feels secured enough without it. Instead of going forth to destabilize their confidence, why not focus on proposing insurance for the cases where that confidence is lacking? What you have forgotten is that looking for a problem is not the same as making a prospect think there is a problem.
  • Start by offering help – Do not hesitate to equip your telemarketing services with information resources regarding common vehicle-related risks. Instead of just asking them if they are concerned over this or that sort of accident happening, start by giving advice on prevention. That way, it will not look like you are generating auto insurance leadsbased on how accident-prone their business is.
  • Look at what is difficult to prevent – Once you have gotten to helping prospects prevent what is easily prevented, it is likely your telemarketing conversations will finally touch upon problems more difficult to prevent. Think of it like presenting your business as a safety net for trapeze stunts that will clearly have fatal results should that net not be there.
  • Admit your own limitations – Finally, there should always be honesty in auto insurance telemarketing. That includes transparency regarding what you can cover so that your prospects and customers will not think you are just covering up supposed ‘loopholes’ in your business.
Going back to the example of the trapeze act, you can even argue that skilled professionals do not ‘use’ safety nets often (if, at all). Why then do they still set it up? It is because, like good telemarketing, they know a single what-if is all that is needed for tragedy to occur. See to it that you generate your insurance sales leads only for the sake of making sure no similar tragedy befalls your prospects.