Monday, June 16, 2014

The Influence of Customer Brand Loyalty in Cold Calling

When doing cold calling to generate tax consulting leads, bear in mind that your company’s brand will greatly influence the decision your prospective clients will make. Brand loyalty is your consumer’s degree of attachment to a specific brand. This is influenced by certain factors such as marketing communications, pressure from peers or co-workers, and even the client’s friendship with the salesperson. For instance, someone whose friend needs tax consultation may refer him to another company and not to you not necessarily because they offer better services, but simply because he’s done business with them before and is satisfied with their service, and naturally, satisfaction with a product or service breeds loyalty.
CustomerBrand Loyalty in Cold Calling
Three distinct stages measures brand loyalty namely: brand recognition, preference, and insistence.

Brand recognition. This pertains to a company’s marketing objective at the early stages of a brand’s life. In here you need to be able to effectively communicate your brand name, your strong and one of a kind selling point, and what the product is like. Thus, your marketing communications campaign will play a big role in its success.

Brand preference.  In here your product already belongs to the short list of alternatives your prospective buyer has before making a purchase. This is a good position because you made it to the customer’s choices of a select few, the good brands that were retained in his memory. Moreover, this is a good indication that your marketing and message strategies are successfully coming across and people actually know something about your brand. By this time they have evaluated it and decided that it can answer to their needs and will make the purchase when the time is right.

Brand insistence.  At this stage consumers will conduct an extensive search for a particular brand. He does not find other alternatives acceptable and if it is not available he will not make a purchase until he finds it. This enviable position only proves the type of bond that can develop between brands and consumers. It is now up to you make sure that you will be in this position.

Never underestimate these types of consumers because they are the ones who are brand insistent and if they like your brand and are satisfied with your product or service, you will come in highly recommended to others. Up to this day, the word-of mouth network serves as a highly influential communications tool that greatly influences purchase decisions. Social media has proven this over the years and a lot of SMEs found their playing field leveled out through twitter or Instagram. So what’s your move? Make it good and make it soon. 

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