Monday, December 15, 2014

Telemarketing Tips – Play With Politics, Prepare To Get Burned

Contrary to the title, this doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely forbidden to put politics in your telemarketing strategy. There’s still room for exceptions and not to mention you always have to think about the context.

What this really means is that just like how fire dancers ‘play’ with fire, you have to be prepared to handle the heat. There are advantages to marketing yourself with the label of a political approval. But unless you’re careful, that label could quickly turn into a target sign on the head of your business.

Can you handle the heat? (Image by Mynameisben123)

The benefits though can be motivating enough for some businesses to take the risks. See for yourself if the following makes those risks worth taking:

  • High credibility – When a politician, law, or even just a political group shows support your business, it shows that you are at least qualified. For example, suppose your business sells marketing tools and you’re approved by the FTC. This means your customers can use your tools without fear of violating any customer rights or engaging in anti-competitive practices.

  • Created demand – Some businesses, like EMR software, get a major boost in demand because the law makes the product/service a requirement. Nobody wants their business to either get fined or suffer a reputation for being below the public standard.

  • You attract more like-minded prospects – Finally, some prospects openly align in favor of a political party or ruling. If birds of a feather flock together, they will flock to you if you both cater to them and at the same time share similar sentiments.

But now that you know the advantages, here is what you need to prepare for if you lace your telemarketing messages with the trappings of politics.

  • A hint of bias – In some cases, ‘hint’ can even be an understatement. When you cite the backing of political supporter, you can come off as someone whose strings are being pulled (or vice-versa). Keep this in mind when creating your rebuttals. For example, sometimes you have to come in defense of a particular law and not just your business

  • It feels like profiteering – Even if it really isn’t, the feeling itself can be hard to shake off. If your prospects start fearing for their business permits or their jobs unless they have your product, it’s time to put them at ease. Make it easier to them to go further into your sales process (e.g. reducing price resistance, faster appointment setting etc).

  • You leave out opposition – By playing the political game, it means you have chosen some sort of side. While you end up scoring more points for the side you’ve chosen, you have forfeited any chance you have with those who oppose it. In telemarketing campaigns, there’s a fine line between creating rebuttals and wasting precious time arguing with someone who is clearly saying no because you decided to play the politics card.

It’s hard to say whether politics will ever be good or bad for marketing. One thing’s for sure though, it can be bad if you’re not prepared to handle it like fire. Weigh the pros and cons of playing political for you’ll be playing a long, risky game if you do.

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