Tuesday, February 21, 2017

B2B sales Leads: Is sales important that reputation?

 I’ve been wondering this for the past few days, Is sales more important than reputation? I mean I know Sales is important but does companies have to ruin its reputation just by getting a sale?

By the way, what I meant by ruining its reputation is by convincing prospects in a way that no one wants to, through spamming and irritating cold-calling. You wouldn’t want prospect say that your company is just like the rest, Annoying and useless when it comes to providing services and product usage.
“But if we didn’t do this sort of thing, then we won’t have a sale!” questions in your head after reading the second paragraph. I understand your concern, but as a prospect way back, I really hate companies calling me and spamming me messages that aren’t really useful to us. And when we try to get in touch with this kind of companies, we are treated like not family, but like a big bag of money, which isn’t an eye catcher for us.
A company’s reputation alone can get you a sale, if your review is something that a prospect can appreciate then, there you go, you have yourself a lead. Marketing is all about the money, right? Wrong, it’s all about building an empire out of small businesses who trusted and appreciate your way of running a business.
You might think for a second that it small businesses should be forced to do your bidding, even though you need them as much as they need you. This is one aspect that a company should change. Every business plays a role in one company, Remember that.
Sales are important, but reputation builds Company’s character, and if you think all about sale, sales, sales, then you better back up and think “Does this require me to go overboard?”

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Monday, February 20, 2017

6 Guidelines in Selecting Third Party Telemarketing Services

Getting your telemarketing campaign to an overseas company can be a great way to save money. However, there are several things to consider before choosing an international telemarketing firm. Before you start your quest for cutting costs and lowering overhead, read these six

  • Interview prospective telemarketing centers online. Sometimes chatting online with a free service like Skype is actually easier than asking questions about the telemarketing firm service over the phone. This also makes it easier to negotiate prices. Skype also allows you to collect information and keep notes so you can research and reflect on the information given to you by overseas companies.
  • Do not choose a company based on looks. More often than not, if a company’s Web site features a picture of a Trump Towers-like building claiming to be their corporate headquarters, it is an effort to sell you on their legitimacy. The truth is that the majority of small- to medium-sized telemarketing facilities in India that turn out great products are not housed in elaborate offices.
  • Solid references trump bells and whistles. Ask for a minimum of two U.S. references. If the company can’t come up with at least two happy customers in the past year, your telemarketing center could be made up of one hungry entrepreneur with an IP phone. One of the more common excuses from vendors that can’t provide a reference is that they promise clients strict confidentiality; consider this a red flag.
  • Fight hard for a test campaign. Ideally, contract telemarketing companies to test-dial your campaign for at least 24 hours and determine if they can get good reporting back to you. If they can’t provide reporting, it won’t matter how great they are on the phone–the telemarketing campaign won’t work.
  • Avoid the big players in India unless you are willing to pay a higher price. In any country, huge telemarketing centers have huge overhead and high prices. Large centers in India are getting close to the price of a U.S. call center, which minimizes the upside of taking the campaign overseas. The bigger the center and the more populated the city, the more you’re going to pay for services.
  • Small call centers can be a good thing. Keep in mind that along with lower rate from a center in the Indian countryside, their labor pool and experience level may also be much smaller than their big-city counterparts. However, if your telemarketing campaign needs are basic, small shops in small cities can be a great place to test things out.
When you find a good relationship with a firm, work hard to keep it. Churn is a big part of the telemarketing business and if you find a vendor you trust, you will save a lot of headaches and heartaches. Long term relationships with telemarketing companies are the key to success.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Process

Although it’s always possible to just pick up the phone and start dialing, successful appointment setting requires more than just making blind calls. B2B prospects aren’t just waiting for the next business opportunity to give them a call. They’re searching on the internet, asking advice from personal connections, relying on their own networks etc. The great thing about 121 Direct Marketing is that we don’t entirely depend on the phone either. We pair up telemarketing with effective e-mail marketing strategies to reach wider audiences and strengthen our communications with your prospects. But most importantly, we do it to capture both offline and online opportunities.
Our appointment setting process is composed of 5 basic steps:

Cold calling is the marketing strategy we use to generate qualified sales leads and set business appointments. Before the cold call, we design the best e-mails before blasting them to the potential clients listed in our privacy-compliant database.* Our expert callers do this to help get the foot in the door and make for easier follow-up calls in case they’re interested. At the same time, it’s also a first step to increasing brand awareness. After the basics of establishing rapport, introducing ourselves, saying who we represent (meaning you), everything is geared towards building trust. We make no attempt to sell since we’re still just getting started. Our goal is to get the prospects talking and set the mood for a sales presentation.
The following are just some of the techniques employed in our successful cold-calling campaigns:
a. Preparation
We make all preparations so that calls are handled properly, from formulating call scripts to choosing the right calling agents. Only send well-designed, content-wise emails are used while adhering to data protection legislation and anti-spam guidelines.
b. Versatility

Since different verticals have different requirements, we fine-tune our services according to our clients’ needs.
c. Communication Skills
We maintain firm firm speech and a neutral accent to emphasize credibility. All information obtained from the initial call is carefully recorded and kept for follow-ups and as additional reference once the appointment has been set,
Once the line of communication is established, our appointment setters ask qualifying questions to validate the prospect and measure their interest in the services offered. If a prospect expressed interest by replying to our emails, we still use the phone to confirm the quality and validity of the lead. This way, we identify qualified leads that are then promptly scheduled for appointment with one of your sales representatives. This is how you’ll know that your appointments have been made with real, live interaction to preserve the high-quality of generated sales leads.
Our Quality Assurance Analysts carefully verify each lead that was generated from prospect engagement. Business leads that do not measure up to quality assessment standards are set aside for follow-up calls until they’re really ready.
Once these business leads are verified, they are uploaded to our online portal, the PipelineCRM. You can access and use PipelineCRM to keep track of the entire lead generation and appointment setting process. In addition, you can download real-time reports on the status of each lead or listen to the recording of each call we make.
Our appointment setters make a confirmation call to the prospect a day before the appointment to confirm and remind them of the upcoming sales meeting.
*Option provided to client. May depend on list availability.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

121 Direct Marketing: Pre - Qualified Sales Leads & Appoinments

Salespeople produce more sales when they focus on what they do best – selling. That’s why we remove two of their biggest distractions: making enormous amounts of cold calls and worrying about other marketing tasks while trying to complete their quota.
What they need are reliable cold calling services and that’s why they leave the phones to us. If closing sales is what your salespeople do best, then that’s we enable them to focus on.
Our solutions are built to identify your potential customers and contact their decision makers. All of this for the sake of introducing your business to theirs. Our telemarketing services puts you right in front of prospects from the USA and Canada, to a multitude of Asia-Pacific countries including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand.
Outsourcing to us doesn’t just save you the trouble of making countless cold calls. We also qualify the leads we produce, nurture them, and set the sales appointments. That’s why, don’t you’re just getting mediocre phone conversations. These are expertly handled cold calls with very high chances of turning into sales-ready B2B leads for your company.

Now how is it that we can produce better results than your salespeople?
  • A. Our callers have been dialing in many industry-exclusive campaigns for years.
  • B. We do our homework before even one call is made.
  • C. Our research allows us to reach targets with the most interest.
  • D. We ensure every lead is strictly qualified, which maximizes your close rate

We guarantee a set amount of calls and the number of organizations to be contacted within the span of your marketing campaign. Our telemarketing packages start out with you getting the services of 1-3 call center agents, 1500 organizations to be contacted, and 3,500 cold calls to be made.
Need more information? Contact us now for a free quote!
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About us

121 Direct Marketing provides near-instant marketing solutions to expand our clients’ markets and increase their sales. As a business partner, we help you hit your revenue targets by filling your calendar with sales-generating appointments. Since our founding in 2004, companies have relied on us to provide them with real business opportunities without high costs  or high risks.
This company’s cold calling services now extend the reaches of your B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign to several countries including the US, Canada, and several Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand.


Sign-up for our telemarketing campaign to get the most out of outsourcing. Free your company from the headache of recruiting, training and managing employees! Stop worrying about installing and operating the required infrastructure. Outsourcing our trained specialists already guarantees you the tried and tested tools necessary for a successful campaign.
Our telemarketing services services put you in front of just the right person in your prospects’ organizations. The support from our lead generation and appointment setting activities will let you focus on what you do best – closing business deals and nurturing clients.


Our cold calling programs not only give you the advantage of gaining professional telemarketing services, our packages bring additional benefits such as:
  • 3,500 calls to a list of at least 1500 of your target prospects
  • A database of at least 1500 target contacts with complete contact information
  • A Campaign Specialist to strategize and manage the calling campaign while serving as the Client’s POC
  • A Quality Assurance Analyst to monitor and evaluate call quality, and verify the validity of leads and appointments using Client-specified criteria
  • A Data Analyst to research and compile a list of your target prospects
  • A customized call script
  • Private login to an online CRM and lead management system to monitor calls, view, process and download progress reports in real-time


Forget about commission rates! Gain access to our extensive database without paying an extra dime.
You no longer have to worry about sacrificing important hours for your calling campaign.
Call scripts? Count on us to create sales pitches that will drive your prospects into smart and dynamic conversations with our appointment setters.
We define true service by opening doors to new business, while you get the highest return on your investment as possible.


121 Direct Marketing is an organization of experienced and motivated marketing professionals who work in industry-specific teams. Hence, we know who to call and find out what they’re looking for. Our appointment setters are extensively trained and have over three years of experience finding prospects and getting clients in front of the right people.
Our professional telemarketing services will not only get you the speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency needed to succeed in today’s marketing landscape. They’re also quick and easy to set up. We can get your marketing campaign running in as quickly as 5 days. The calls made will be handled by professional telemarketing executives who have a minimum experience of one year marketing in your industry.
Our staff of telemarketing call center agents is fully managed by a campaign specialist who will also support your campaign to become as successful as possible. Additionally, you’ll be given access to a comprehensive report that will be provided to you on a weekly basis (along with other real-time data on contact details, call dispositions, leads, online appointments, etc.).


Afraid of hidden charges? Let’s clear things up here and now. Our professional telemarketing services come with no extra charges. We provide laser targeted sales leads and appointments at a price that is easy on the pocket.
We only aim to give your business more opportunities for increasing revenue and profits.


It is our guarantee that a large number of high-quality calls are made on a daily basis. Our approach is to maximize the chances of acquiring sales-ready B2B leads and business appointments, ensuring optimal marketing campaign outcomes. That is how we do business.
If you want a free quote for your upcoming cold calling campaign or simply more information on pricing, feel free to call us through our toll-free hotline (888-406-2585) or fill out the quick query form within the Contact Us page.

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