Sunday, April 2, 2017

Appointment Setter: Words are your weapon

Have you heard the phrase ‘WE WANT YOU’ that is currently being used by the military to recruit teenage boys to join the army? Well if you ask me, I would be pleased to join the army, not because I want to, but because they need me, and of course to protect my country. But a little fact that you should know, those three words, can get you a sale.
Look at those three words; ‘We’ ‘Want’ ‘You’ does that give you any idea why these words can get you a sale? Of course you did but if you didn’t then I guess you’re not into business or marketing at all. There are so many words that can get you a sale, in which you can even have a successful appointment setting and even a B2B transaction.
Let’s say you have an important appointment, in which you will present to different business owners you’re ideas and this will be the final meeting that will cut the deal. How can you show your business without the right words to say?
Well, impromptu is one way, but is it enough to cut the deal? Well, you should always remember that once the meeting has started, every word that comes out of your mouth must be appropriate and persuasive. Or else, you definitely won’t cut the deal.
While in social media, your words is defined on how well you construct a sentence, whether it is in different language, you must use the universal language, which is English. But if you’re only targeting local website then speak in which language you’re comfortable with, it doesn’t matter to the readers because they will know that the author is from that country, but what do matter is the grammar of the author.
Ask yourself this one question “What words I should use?” well, it depends on what topic you’re going to start off, even though the best speech is memorized we all know impromptu ones are the best to do when in a meeting. Why? Because meetings already have papers and files that are given to each person inside the room/meeting place.

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