Sunday, April 2, 2017

Appointment Setters Must Always Test the Waters of Budding B2B Channel

The biggest challenge of every B2B salesperson is information. They need a name, a number, a way to learn about where their potential customers are and how to close a deal.
That much hasn’t changed even when the tools for acquiring that information have undergone a digital revolution. Instead of just phone numbers you now also have email addresses and social media accounts. Everyone’s trying to be on all the screens that are facing business owners when everyone used to ask for their ears.
All the same, they’re still doing their best to get a market’s attention. The danger though is when appointment setters jump far too quickly each time a new channel starts to open up. Test the waters first!
It’s said that Facebook alone already has 40 million pages actively run by small businesses. Companies that are trying to tap into them as a market might already be thinking twice about ignoring the social network.
However, are stats alone enough to prove that getting on FB again is a viable option? Here are some questions to ask yourself before going ahead:
  • Is size the only thing you’re looking for? – You’ll need to be marketing something pretty basic if you think a small size is the only qualification you’re looking for in your leads. Try to elaborate those qualifications. There has to be something more to your buyer personas.
  • Is the channel the only means to interact with a business? – Take a closer look at each page you go through. Does it give any more information on how to contact it? Is the FB page used for just about any form communication or is it restricted exclusively to customers and/or recruitment?
  • Can you establish yourself as a go-to company for that channel? – Theoretically, you can establish yourself among those businesses as a go-to page for all the others on it. However, do you really have what it takes to pull it off? Can and are you willing to engage to business customers as regular businesses engage consumers on their pages?
Your competitors are always looking to outrun your business by going through any channel you haven’t tapped yet. However, you’re more likely to seal your fate by rushing ahead without first understanding just what exactly you’re getting into. Is the channel a good fit? Are you really going to find an untapped market in there? Test the waters or make costly mistakes before your competitors do!

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