Sunday, April 2, 2017

Are Your Energy Sales Leads Getting Stifled?

It is becoming conventional to presume that just because you are not generating enough energy sales leads, you are doing something wrong. Again. It can be quite frustrating for companies who feel like they have already invested so much. How many more mistakes do you have to make before your energy company starts seeing its much needed sales leads?

Maybe Your Sales Leads Are Coming But Something Is Stopping Them

Perhaps you are actually not making any mistakes at all. Your business opportunities could in fact be coming in but for some reason, something is stopping them from going further in your sales process. Qualifying energy procurement leads is a complex process after all so it could be that someone has thrown in a monkey wrench!
While it is best to not just jump to wild conclusions, conclusions still have to be made. Are you really making another mistake despite all the measures you have already implemented or is something getting in the way of your flow of sales leads?
  • Step 1: Put yourself in prospect’s shoes – This sounds cliché but you might want to start by embracing this in the most literal sense. Have you tried testing the online forms or calling the phone numbers you sent out to generate highly qualified energy sales leads? Perhaps they end up dialing the wrong one and somehow, somebody has changed the numbers on your marketing materials!
  • Step 2: Listen for complaints – Perhaps your prospects could be looking at the problem far more closer than you. They could also have difficult understanding the process of going through your sales process. Do not underestimate how poor communication can clog up your sales leads.
  • Step 3: Secure your database – Finally, you should make sure that all your information is not easily accessible. Another thing you should not underestimate are the chances of your energy sales leads getting hacked. Exercise strong security protocols for both your marketers and salespeople and plug up leaks before the even get a chance to spill.
You do not always have to blame yourself if you think you are not getting enough sales leads. Something a little more sinister could be outside stealing or diverting them away from you. Watch out for the signs and make sure your sales lead generation campaign is not under secret attack!

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