Sunday, April 2, 2017

B2B Marketing Tips – Turn into An Easter Egg

Easter eggs used to stand for little colored eggs. But quite recently, they’re apparently a code word for hidden messages/gimmicks in computer programs, video games, books, and films.
Examples range from surprising mini-games and in-game homage to Hidden Mickeys and Stan Lee cameos. What makes them so popular is the fact that they’re not only a cute marketing stunt, half of it is because people just like finding them.
Elements of An Easter Egg
These easter eggs are actually not that different from their ‘real’ counterparts, with perhaps the only exception is that they’re not really Eggs. Here’s what they do have in common though:
  • They’re hidden – Whether it’s in an obscure code, hidden file, or even inside a product, easter eggs are hidden, well hidden.
  • They make you find them – Once they’re found though, it can cause quite a stir as people’s curiosity gets the better of them.
  • It demonstrates what you can do – The means of which you hide them always have something to do with your niche (e.g. programmers).
That sounds easy enough right? On the other hand, using these egg tricks in your B2B marketing campaign can be challenging. They’re not serious enough but at the same time, you could always use the popularity boost if you make it a tradition.
In the end though, it’s not so much about the style but about your intention to plant these eggs that will determine their effects. These could be:
  • Promote your work force – Several well-known eggs are tributes to the staff behind the product. If this is your angle, ask your marketers to work with other staff on how they’d like to be featured.
  • Hint to past/future/other products – Some eggs like to hint at older products (or some other significant point at company history) or to those currently in development. And whether its nostalgia or speculation, both can boost demand.
  • Reward customers – Finally, perhaps the most well-known kind of egg is the kind that has a treat for those who sought to find it. For games, it can be bonus features or funny add-ons. For B2B business, it can come in the form of discounts and small bonuses (just to name a few).
Easter’s coming soon but you don’t necessarily have to think of a literal egg hunt to improve your B2B marketing campaigns. The little hidden stunts pulled in your products and services are a more realistic option.

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