Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bad Sales Leads are Like Mutagen

Many fans of Godzilla see him as the Japanese metaphor for nuclear weaponry. Others say he’s an environmental warning for the industries of science and technology. But whatever’s keeping the Big G going, it should also serve as a warning for marketers who neglect bad sales leads as if they were no more dangerous than radioactive waste.
One can argue that Godzilla himself actually inspired the idea of radiation turning regular species into giant monsters. And in that same likeness, plenty of horrendous mutations await your sales reps if you don’t take care to clean out your bad sales leads. To better understand, let’s take a look at how this sort of movie usually plays out.
  • It starts with the dumping – Some clueless company starts dumping toxic waste somewhere where a certain animal formally dwelled. What of your dead sales leads? Where do you ‘dump’ the ones that didn’t qualify well? Do you leave them unmarked? Are they still in your database, piling up somewhere? What of the method used to generate these sales leads? Would you consider them good practice? Without any serious consequence?
  • Then something eats it – Realistically, you would think eating something radioactive and toxic is more likely to kill the consumer. But that’s not always the case with monster movies eh? They not only survive, they start thriving off the stuff. It’s the same when your salespeople or your business merely allow the existence of bad sales leads somewhere in lead generation process. From shady marketing tactics to a swelling database, you won’t know that you got a monster of a problem until…
  • It grows – Finally, you know it’s there. It’s the big space eating up your CRM. It’s the suspicion raised by your questionable qualification process. No matter what shape or form, this all started simply because you let a huge pile of bad sales leads stock up to feed something sinister. Now a shadow looms over the horizon for your business. The next thing you know, you’re firing off the guns, sending in the PR tanks, or calling to blow up your database and just salvage what’s left.
To put it simply, giant monsters are really just a kind of infestation that’s been horribly, horribly neglected. It’s something that was before off prevented, not dealt with. Likewise, the consequences of having so many bad sales leads stinking up your database could long be avoided if you actually took more responsibility in cleaning up.

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