Sunday, April 2, 2017

Before Appointment Setting, Understand Impact Of Demos

Before you start your appointment setting campaign, there is a good chance that you have already demonstrated a few of the capacities of your IT business. This is naturally a smart move. Prospects are more likely to trust you and go further into the appointment setting process because they have seen you walk your talk. On the other hand, demos can have other impacts that may need to be controlled or even negated.
Knowing What Other Things Demos Can Reveal Prior To Appointment Setting
One example of a very brief sort of demonstration can be found in this Mashable  article on The New Yorker’s online system for sources (dubbed Strongbox). At the end, you will see a general outline on what sources do, where the files go, how they are accessed etc. Now if this sounds like the materials you use in your appointment setting campaign, it really shows you are on track. The question is though: Who could be tracking this?
Look back to Strongbox’s outline. What does it say and what does it not say? Once you have the answer, you will know how to keep demos from negatively impacting your appointment setting strategy and maintain your qualified sales leads:
  • It does not reveal finer details – The most obvious is that it is only a general description. In fact, there is likely a number of additional security measures in place to protect the information being uploaded and downloaded via Strongbox. For your appointment setting strategy, this is also a plus since you no longer have to worry about getting too juicy with the details about how you secure your own system!
  • It presents only what cannot be argued – Think of a demo like a live weapon exhibition and your appointment setting process is the manner in which you display the power of your own creation. Done right, neither your prospects nor your competitors will pay too much attention to hidden details once they see the explosive fireball you just launched or the rows of dummies your weapon just decimated.
  • It expresses your values – Finally, your IT appointment settingstrategy sums it all up by taking focus only on the core values of your business. What are your objectives as an IT company? Letting the display created by your appointment setting tactics could say all the words that need to be said.
You can already see that focusing your appointment setting strategy only on the simpler things (general ideas, facts that cannot be argued, your company’s core values) takes away the attention from those trying to look for cracks. This way you not only generate IT leads constantly but keep your trade secrets still safe with you.

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