Sunday, April 2, 2017

Can B2B Leads Reveal An Old Customer’s Current Mindset?

The default answer to the title’s question would be yes. However, think about this carefully. This is an old customer. You should remember that the usual response of lead generators is to look up the customer’s past history.
While that’s well worth applauding, you should be careful about looking too far into the past and not concern yourself with what’s currently on a prospect’s mind. Are your B2B leads more like a trip down memory lane or does it have any current-event-type information your sales can immediately act upon?
Not all customers are hung up on the past. And for those who are, you have to remember that all they’re doing is making a past issue into a present problem. (This is not always a bad thing so keep reading.)
All the same, the quality of your B2B leads is still essentially about their current frame of mind. You just have to factor in how the past influences it:
  • Could they be curious about current trends? – Think of a retired immigrant who hasn’t been to his hometown in a long time. In classic style of Rip Van Winkle, he finds his hometown has changed so much. Now imagine that with a retired executive who wants to remember what it’s like to start a business again. What new things does he have to do? If your work is in janitorial, what would you recommend that was different from how it was when his last company started?
  • Are they curious about older offerings you once had? – Some of them may have been customers but haven’t only acquired perhaps one or two of your product packages. They may still remember others that were also available (but may no longer be now). Some might’ve wanted to try them (even for the very sake of pure nostalgia). This is one example of prospects remembering something in the past that affects their present buying disposition.
  • Were they expecting to see some improvement? – Some customers could also have just been waiting for you to get out of your startup phase because they saw potential in your first product. This is usually a good reason to always maintain strong connections even with supposedly ‘dead’ prospects. You never know which one of them could come back, hoping to see something different.
So again, much of their current mindset is influenced by their past experience as your customers. However, if you only look to the past as history and not something that’s actually affecting their present buying decision then you’re missing the point about ever using it to qualify B2B leads.

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