Sunday, April 2, 2017

Can You Simulate A Lead Generation Strategy?

One of the typical perks to virtual simulation is the ability to test something without the risk of any actual, physical consequence. For example, a shooting simulator helps improve aim without necessarily the risk of death or injury. Flight simulators are used to practice without risking a real plane crash.
But while that’s all well and good for guns and planes, what lead generation campaigns? Can you simulate whether or not a particular piece of copy or a new website look is going to bring more customers? You could certainly save up a lot of effort knowing whether or not some ideas won’t work. And from the looks of it, the future could already be here.
On the other hand, is the simulation really risk-free?
First, why not review some of the things that big data promises to do for marketing. One, it can provide and crunch information in real-time. That’s nice! It means you can learn whether or not a major change in your marketing strategy really is having impact. You don’t have to wait till the end of the campaign to really measure to create a verdict. But despite that, it doesn’t really:

  • Create the marketing messages.
  • Produce the content that needs testing.
  • Actually create real clients.

You can argue that big data will indirectly lead to these actions but that’s not the point. The point is that data only inspires those actions. It’s not going to be the one shaping up the logos in your websites, creating a call list of prospects, or organizing the emails you’ll send. So to answer the question: You can more likely simulate the effects of a lead generation strategy. It doesn’t indicate whether or not you can rely on those tools to create a strategy from the ground up.
Here’s the good news though. With all cost savings promised by big data marketing, you can drive costs further down with the following:
  • More informed initiatives – Let’s start with something basic. You’ve already got the data so all that’s left is to really cut out the things the data deems unnecessary or irrelevant. That’s lot less reason to worry about investing in a marketing initiative that isn’t as effective.
  • Proper outsourcing – Alternatively, you can also exercise a more cost-effective strategy when outsourcing your lead generation campaign. Since you already know the best channels to reach prospects, you know which provider to outsource a particular tactic.
Finally, remember that marketing is never without risks. You can minimize them but at the end of the day, even data only gives you a hypothesis that still needs eventual testing with real tools and real marketers.

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