Sunday, April 2, 2017

Demanding ‘Better’ Sales Leads Doesn’t Change Demand In Your Market

The term better can be so subjective. And as far as sales leads go, even a no-nonsense sales team must concede that the definition of ‘better’ sales leads can’t always be in their control (or in the control of marketers).
It’s more likely control remains more strongly in the market itself and what it demands from that sales team’s business.
Like it or not, you can outsource the best B2B marketers and lead generators in the world but you still can’t expect them to make much out of so little in your actual business. In fact, isn’t the very purpose of outsourcing supposed to be the transferring of labor so that you have more time and energy to focus on core business practices? Whatever happened to that?
A quick review of any marketing blog and you’ll find none of that good advice will hold up if there’s nothing work marketing at all. Take video for example. You can have the means to present the metrics. You can have the engagement that a video is supposed to create.
Yet at the heart of all that content, what do you find?
  • Your products – If you’re a manufacturer, what are you supplying? What good is a camera if you don’t have a factory that’s worth putting on film? What good are pictures if they’re not actually what you’re producing? What good is a demonstration when you actually have nothing to demonstrate?
  • Your people – Do you really think that faceless presentations will keep prospects trusting you for long? Why wait for a sales meeting to show that your business is run by real people, with real names? That is, of course, assuming your company had actually employed these people. Do you want to risk thought leaders catching on to the deception?
  • Your clients – You want a testimonial? Better yet, you want the kind that’s legitimate? Well for that, you actually need real customers for real accounts of them benefiting from your products/services. Your sales team can’t expect marketers to change that unless you really want to start walking the black hat path of lying through their teeth.
No matter how great, how innovative, or how engaging your lead generators can be, the fact is everything they say is rooted in what you sell and what you are as a company. You can’t expect them to lie so much and your company to live long enough at the same time. One way or another, demanding better sales leads won’t change the demands coming from your target market.

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