Sunday, April 2, 2017

How Fiction Simulates Your Appointment Setting Process

You know you should never see your appointment setting process as a dull, boring, and unmarketable chain of events. In fact, don’t you think it’s bad enough that you feel the same way about your B2B products?
Because, believe it or not, fiction has already found plenty ways to simulate your day-to-day existence. The only difference is that fiction just embellishes it with a new perspective that you don’t think is applicable to your B2B marketing and sales process.
As a start, you can try looking outside your industry for some good ideas. How often have you seen plenty of fields flashed around in science-fiction, action, or even fantasy and comedy? Sure, they may exaggerate a lot of elements but when has good marketing been completely averse to hyperbole?
Furthermore, look at reality television. People argue that it’s not really ‘reality’ anymore but that’s beside the point. The fact is people are well capable of putting a creative spin on the dullest of concepts, processes, and yes, even B2B trades.
  • Pretend to make a movie out of it – Yes, narcissistic as this sounds, you should try and imagine what life in your firm would be like if a movie was based on it. Would it be like another reality show or a sitcom? What elements about your product can you highlight for comedic or dramatic effect?
  • Love the part you play – Perhaps the most powerful thing you can access is the idea that you really are living the part, not just playing it. You’re not actor. You’re a real developer or a real salesman. Instead of maybe trying to avoid how your profession or your industry is presented, try to live up to the more positive aspects.
People dismiss fiction as reality exaggerated by ideals. But if you think you present your product to be as down-to-earth dull as possible, why would you remain astonished by the lack of sales? View fiction with a new perspective and you might see your own business in a new (and marketable) light.

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