Sunday, April 2, 2017

How Offline Telemarketing Paints Makes a Realistic Combination With Online Lead Generation

You know what else is wrong with seeing telemarketing as obsolete? The extra baggage of assuming it’s also an unrealistic practice.
The truth though is this assumption is what’s unrealistic. People still uses phones. People still make calls in and out of office. In fact, people find it easier sometimes compared to writing an email or waiting for one as a reply.
Think of it like HBO trying to outdo Neftlix. You want to know it’s biggest challenge? Creating enough content to actually warrant itself as a serious competitor.
That looks very similar to relying purely on online channels to attract and process your sales leads. It’s unrealistic compared what customers are actually demanding. You want a more realistic way to engage potential customers?
Combine both.
Using both offline telemarketing with online marketing channels creates the full picture of what B2B customer experience should be like. Why?
  • It’s daily life  – In other words, it reflects what real human life is like everyday at the office. They’re going around for meetings and coffee breaks as much as they are facing a screen. But no matter where they are, you need to have some form of availability so they can have a smooth start into your sales process. 
  • They want access – The beautiful thing about the rise of online, social, and mobile technology is increased access. You just need to see how it all fits. Would you call it that if your prospect still struggles to fill up a contact form on their mobile phone? How about just allow them to make a straight call for an inquiry? Inquiries may not be qualified leads but, again, it’s always better to start smooth.
  • Action shouldn’t be delayed – Action isn’t just something to think about when composing your CTAs. It’s something you want to keep going without any obstacles. Whether they want to call or email, giving different prospects a variety of communication options keeps them focused on the train of thought you want them to take for your appointment setting process. 
Limiting your prospect’s communication options is the complete opposite of being realistic when it comes to B2B marketing. You’ll never know whether some of them would rather receive a telemarketing call or an email (and vice-versa).

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