Sunday, April 2, 2017

How Telemarketing Tells Your Own Story

For some marketers, the idea of using stories to improve the results of your lead generation campaign might sound a tad bit irrelevant. After all, there are still some organizations that would rather strike up a conversation that would lead to sales conversion. That’s neither obnoxious nor outdated (especially when they’ve been nurturing leads this way for quite some time). This doesn’t leave them with a lot of time to blog or to do blog-worthy research. Some would rather go out, network with real people and then just follow-up with some telemarketing calls. There’s really no time for telling a story here!
Or is there?
It’s true that you can’t automate the process of building trust needed for any functional business relationship. That can even extend to the idea of automating that process just by putting up a blog instead of actively seeking a conversation.
However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a story being already told.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone fictionalized the very activities you use to generate and nurture leads? That’s you’re story right there!
Sure you may not be publishing it or retelling it during every sales or marketing call. However, you are already doing something that’s arguably more essential: You are living it. And when you see yourself living a story, it can actually guide you to improve the processes without necessarily opting for the inbound approach.
  • It puts them in additional perspective – Stories are often told in only one perspective. However, in your case, you can see everything you do both through your own eyes as well as the eyes of your customer. And after that, you can even include the perspective of the customers who will learn about the way you got the sale or delivered on your proposition.
  • It increases character awareness – It can help you and your organization create more awareness of their actions. Why? Because like any story, characters are defined by everything they do and how it affects the plot. Alternatively, the less you know about what you’re doing, the less trust you’re going to inspire.
  • It’s not entirely scripted – You can even argue that the kind of story being told through your daily marketing activities is even better because it’s not entirely dictated by some pre-planned, overarching plot. It’s similar to how a telemarketing script is less awkward when you learn to internalize the essence of what’s written instead of just awkwardly reading off it.
Contrary to popular belief, not all stories are told through books. Neither are they limited to film or even song. Sometimes your role as marketers and sales reps is already a tale already telling itself.

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