Sunday, April 2, 2017

Is Lead Generation THAT Easy Nowadays?

The short answer is obviously no. However, there are a lot of lead generation and marketing tactics that seem so easy to pull off. You want a really shocking example? Look up the Masrani Corporation.
If you’re one of those who just went, “Hmm, a new client?” after one look at the site, you’ll be sadly disappointed. It’s fake.
But rest assured, this post isn’t really going to be about fake websites and fake business identities. On the contrary, the reason why this particular phony is so impressive is that it’s actually part of a larger viral campaign for the upcoming (and long awaited) dino film Jurassic World.
Whoever came up with this website clearly had some experience in the B2B marketing sector. It has everything you’d expect from a corporate internet property. It has a blog, features the CEO and other top decision makers (including the lead scientist from InGen who will return in the film). There’s even news about the company’s other assets like oil and telecom.
Of course, compared to maybe a real, thriving, and all-around Fortune 500 site, maybe Masrani is just about average. The thing here is that it’s been pulled off regardless. It’s easy to believe that, as far creating a website goes, businesses have this whole lead generation thing in the bag.
For marketing, it indicates many things:
  • Companies are sharing – When you see a movie pop up an impressive yet oh-so-typical corporate website for its marketing campaign, it just goes to show many real ones are out there that they’ve managed to reference. Like Masrani, more and more companies are using their websites in a similar fashion: Showing off assets, sharing news about themselves etc.
  • It creates a lot of stuff to dig – In a sense, lead generators are much like investigators in a sense that they need a lot of information to bring back to their sales people. The fact that websites give away so much could leave you with a lot of things to dig (things that can be good to know… and bad).
  • The ‘future’ is pretty much here already – Remember that article that said its high time businesses invest in social, websites, and PR? Apparently all predictions came true in just a matter of months. It’s a cause for alarm from those who still haven’t caught up but if you’re note one of them, it goes to show that on-point with your digital initiatives.
Lastly, it can also serve as a small warning for experienced marketers. Now that everyone’s crowding the internet with instant corporate websites, the bar for quality marketing is going to get higher. So maybe instead of lead generation being all that easy, it could be possibly get even harder!

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