Sunday, April 2, 2017

Telemarketing Tips – Use Lazy Days to Improve Productive Ones

It’s summer in a lot of parts in the world. And with summer comes the lazy days it’s filled up with. But while days like that can just mean boredom for teens, tweens, and toddlers, it can mean bad news for productive telemarketing. You’ve got calls to make and appointments to set. You can’t just stop just because you don’t feel like it right?
Actually, it’s possible to go with the flow of a lazy day and come out even more productive in days after! This applies whether you just don’t feel like picking up the phone or don’t want to pressure outsourced telemarketers to give you more summer appointments.
Forbes contributor Michael Simmons warns against too much focus in building business relationships. And while his advice seems to apply itself to networking, certain elements of it can also apply to telemarketing:
  • Telemarketing techniques can improve from other marketing ones – This doesn’t just mean integration. It also means applying the underlying concept of a particular method. Social media marketing for example emphasizes a lot on nurturing and thought leadership. Why not formulate your scripts based on how you interact with brands on social media during your spare time?
  • Learn from having real conversations – Surprisingly, this can include casual ones. It may not seem much but it’s a nice touch to apply the finer, cultural points of conversations to your telemarketing calls. For all you know, speaking to a diversity of people in real life helps you get accustomed to speaking to others living in far more different cultures or regions.
  • Take time to actually be lazy – A paper by the Harvard Business School states that setting aside 15 minutes to write can actually make you more productive! If you can’t really afford to be lazy all the time, set aside a portion of it to just pause and reflect. Who knows, a cooler head might indentify unseen flaws and create better ideas to act upon in the following day.
Even if you’ve got a vacation already planned out, having brief bouts of laziness have subtle benefits on your productivity. The key lies in retaining what you learn during relaxed moments of your day and making the most of it when you finally get back in the mood to work.

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