Sunday, April 2, 2017

Quality Telemarketing Always Means Quality Communication

The title sounds like an old telemarketing lesson but you have no idea how the concept fails to ingrain itself in everyone. Oddly enough, advertising companies and marketers can relate plenty with it. Why? Communication, regardless of medium, demands quality. Unfortunately, some people forget that medium has an impact on that quality as well. Just look at the case between telemarketing to a phone and that of a cellphone.
The Quality Of Telemarketing Calls Gain More From The Phone
If still using telemarketing for your firm will get you in trouble, then you need to know that there is not even a need to attract the sort of trouble you are thinking about. A good example is telemarketing to cellphones. Do you know that there are plenty of professionals out there who hate the quality of a cellphone conversation? Herb Greenberg of CNBC seems to think otherwise.
“But there’s this one thing I hate about the quality of a cellphone: There is a split fraction of a second delay on cellphone to cellphone calls that for some reason always makes it seem like you’re interrupting the other person. You know exactly what I mean, and nobody ever seems to talk about it.”
The following might sound quite petty, but cellphones can still have a fair share of other issues that make telemarketing difficult for finding merchant services leads like credit card processing leads:
  • Choppy signal – Suppose your telemarketing agents called someone who was out driving through a tunnel or into an elevator. Do you really think they would waste their time when all they hear is “Ahdksd…JJksjkal… kraakh!” Honestly, why on earth would they call a number like that? They would be better off even with voice mail.
  • Greenberg’s grievance – If you were to take Greenberg at his word, this is really not the sort of feeling you want throughout the B2B telemarketing campaign each time you dial a number. You want to feel that you are calling at the right time. You do not want to feel like your prospect was in the middle of something (or worse, they really were).
  • Background noise – Sure you can hear background noise from a landline phone but try to picture it this way: Where is that phone? When you are telemarketing something that is just sitting a desk 24/7, the worse you will hear the crash of a coffee mug. Compare to that to the possibility of overhearing loud traffic, voices of crowds, or even the din of an arcade!
Sure, there may be some more important things to worry about when planning (or outsourcing) your telemarketing but when you are afraid of doing something even telemarketers find fruitless, you are hesitating for no reason. Do not undermine your lead generation strategies just because you think you need to use telemarketing on prospects out on a drive.

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