Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sales Lead Generation Tips – Know When The Land turns Dry

The relationship between today’s marketers and the Google search engine has always been a turbulent one. However, this relationship is just but one of the many the search-engine giant has with the rest of the world. And while you can argue that marketers have quite an impact on the development of its search engine, the impact of other influences shouldn’t be underestimated. You have the views of those using the system to locate information. You also have those taking it further by calling legal actions and controversies against the giant (just search “Right to be forgotten”).
Hence, it’s important that your sales lead generation strategy is prepared for the worst: when the land of SEO is no longer fertile because of it.
An insurance salesman may disagree but situations like this are almost the equivalent to acts of God. It’s a change or an even that just feels a little bit out of your control. For example, the recent Penguin rollout has finally sparked an outcry from long-time Google believer Eric Enge from Search Engine Land. He complains that the new changes aren’t as forgiving anymore and show absolutely zero mercy to small businesses. One might even take it further and accuse Google of kissing up to ad-paying brands (all at the expense of smaller businesses).
So is this the end of SEO? Perhaps. It may be one thing for other sites to game the system. But if Google itself is found to be the one gaming, you need to brace yourself for the day when SEO becomes a less fruitful option.
On the other hand, there’s still hope that these changes may not be as bad as they sound. There are still those who believe that these new updates are simply more proof that the technical side of SEO is fading way while its new reincarnation is bringing all other styles of marketing into the picture.
But even if this is true, you have to prepare all the same. These changes could still mean that raw SEO shouldn’t be wholly relied upon anymore. The land is drying up and it’s time to consider finding (or perhaps maybe creating) a new pasture:
  • Think back on your objectives – What was the main point of looking to SEO for your lead generation campaign? Exposure? More inbound leads? Remember, there are still other ways to generate these without necessarily becoming an unwitting Google acolyte.
  • Test different means to the same end – Following that, know that testing is usually the next step to preparation. Since there are so many other alternatives out there, you can’t afford to place your bets in all of them. Outsource some of the alternatives first before trying them out yourself. Check to see if SEO-dependent results can be replicated with less reliance on Google.
  • Consider other search engines – Bing may not be as big a hit as Google but it could be getting there. And who knows? Maybe a third upstart might show up to join in the race. With Google’s reputation more and more at risk, it might be high time to include other players if you insist on investing in an SEO-based strategy.
Are Google’s days numbered? None of this is really enough to indicate. What’s more likely numbered are the days of counting on raw SEO to improve sales lead generation. The land is going dry. Either nurse it back to health or find a new pasture.

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