Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sales Lead Generation Tips – Let them Save So They Can Spend

In September, families often scramble money for both school supplies and the office necessities that ultimately keep that money flowing in. But as far as the latter is concerned, the things people need at work go beyond pens and post-it notes.
That’s why they’re prime targets for sales lead generation campaigns. How much do you know about what they save in order for them to spend?
It’s one of the things to think about when you’re talking about a prospect’s budget. With a holiday comprising of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There’s going to be a lot of spending on your prospect’s calendar. It makes sense for them to save and it makes more sense to know how much they would need to. That’s why, avoid the following mistakes:
  • Hasty appointments – This one is obvious, but it’s still a rookie mistake often committed. Any attempts at this is likely going to generate a negative response of having no budget. (Or worse, price criticism.) Take it slow. Look out for signs of low sales-readiness (like the prospect just getting back from vacation, readjustment issues etc).
  • Poor set-ups for poor follow-ups – Another common mistake is to think that no early appointments mean no prospecting work at all. Knowing if a prospect trying to put a budget together is exactly the ground you need to establish a follow-up. Just because they’re saving up doesn’t guarantee that money is going to your sale.
  • Ignore trust building resources – How do you get prospects to specifically hold their money for you? You build trust. You don’t just hang up on the mention that they’re still getting a budget ready. Show some interest in their problems and share relevant content. In fact, their own budget plan could already use some of your advice!
It’s said that 40% of America doesn’t even know how to save. That means there’s a lot more ground to cover before you can even talk about buying decisions. Avoiding any talk of purchase is just the first step. Learn how to let a prospect save so that they can know exactly what to spend when doing business with you.

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