Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sales Leads and Sales Teams – You’re Really Just Getting a Job

There are two ways to interpret the phrase, “Got a job.” One is the usual, “Hooray, I got employed!”
The other is the kind you hear when you’re watching a movie about hired mercenaries or bounty hunters. ExpendablesCharlie’s AngelsA-Team. All these action flicks feature really rugged business relationships where ‘jobs’ are in fact complex assignments or missions (oh yeah, and full of shooting stuff).
But you know, the same thing could apply to sales teams and sales leads.
You don’t have to risk an early grave just to appreciate the level of heavy work required to win certain B2B sales. Your salespeople may not have guns but they’re just as armed with their capacity to research buyers, figure out who’s who, and come out with a big payout.
At least, that’s the ideal.
Unfortunately, most people still think the work of sales teams isn’t that much different from that girl at the cash register. Worst still is that this mentality carries over to the ones responsible for qualifying sales leads and marketing complex products. The end result is that you’ve oversimplified your value proposition and your ‘leads’ produce almost to zero sales.
 You’ve heard this story before. And frankly, you might even want to trade it for the clichés of action movies. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to quit. Your sales team can work as if their work was its own movie.
  • Redefine the size of your sales leads – Some sales leads are only as good as the extra work put into them prior to the sale. Other times, just a name and a few rumors are enough for a top class sales team to go by. The trick is knowing how much work your lead generator has to do prior to your team.
  • Count how many moving parts – You really wouldn’t be having trouble getting sales out of low quality sales leads if your sales process was as simple as advertising and selling. Otherwise, always be wary of the many moving parts to a B2B prospect’s buying decision. Think of your lead generator as that one bartender with all the connections or the personified ‘word on the street.’ They can drop the names and brief your sales team on the situation but always be prepared to do more research.
  • Align lead ‘quality’ with sales ability – But above all, sometimes the best leads can be difficult for particular type of sales rep. Don’t waste sales leads by mismatching them with the wrong people. Instead, always keep your marketers and sales close so that they can assign the right tasks that will lead to a close.
There’s a reason why sales and marketing are both better off as one department instead of two different silos. (In fact, you’d best get rid of silos. Period.) Lead generators may just be getting a job but in that could be a lot of work with a lot of payout.

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