Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sales Leads Don’t Need A Countdown

For some industries, the coming winter is expected to be full of low-budget, low sales-ready leads and they’re doing the best to stock up what they can.
Meanwhile, active lead generation activities are put on hold. Any hope of meeting new, high-value sales prospects becomes wishful thinking at that point. It seems like the only best option is to ride it out and be patient. Wait for the Christmas that will come after the holiday season and then you can start opening your sales leads.
This countdown though isn’t really necessary. In fact, it can actually do more harm than good. Contrary to what your mom taught you, it’s not good to wait until Christmas. Start generating your sales leads now!
As early as August, even online retailers are getting ready to cash in on the holiday season. On the other hand, it’s easy to imagine B2B sales reps making fewer calls and cutting down on the coffee because earnings are always just so low this time of year. The latter isn’t preparation. It’s resignation. Sure, you can set yourself up for some really good appointments come January but why wait until then?
You don’t have to push for earlier appointments if it’s clear that your prospects haven’t put the budget together. It’s just that you shouldn’t use a Christmas countdown as an excuse to just sit around waiting. There’s a lot that B2B organizations can do besides setting themselves up for a post-holiday closing spree.
  • Spot early opportunities – How well can you track your sales leads? Are you just sitting around until the next one is ‘qualified’? Why not observe the process firsthand? You don’t need to call. You don’t need to email. You just observe. Traditionally, it’s often the marketers who watch for any insight early in the buying process. That doesn’t mean they have any exclusive right to it. Help them spot early opportunities too!
  • Prepare a gift list – Targeting your current customers is a common tactic for surviving slow sales periods. How exactly do you approach this though? Do you just make a call, do a little survey, and exert only the minimum effort of reminding customers of your existence? What’s the point? They’re already sold. Go beyond that. Start coming up with ways to show just how you’re your company appreciates working with them. Even kids are taught to give gifts and not just wait around to get theirs.
  • Do more research – It sounds redundant, but have you really exhausted all your options? Are you really so certain that you can’t do better this year? Being so sure of failure isn’t always a good thing. If you can only do one thing, you might as well learn more about why sales are just plain sucky this time of year. Who knows when you might discover a way to at least speed up the count down.
Patience is overrated when you’re overlooking opportunities for the sake of it. Don’t wait to open your sales leads until Christmas. It’s still to early to tell for you to close down for the winter.

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