Sunday, April 2, 2017

Save Sales Leads By Knowing What To Save First

If sales leads were like your energy company’s power source, blackouts call you to prioritize certain things more than others so that the whole recovery process will be quick. If you want to get back to your qualified leads after taking a hit to your lead generation process, you need to know what those are.

Recover The Tools That Start Qualifying Your Sales Leads

Suppose your sales leads are like toys coming out of an assembly line. Something suddenly goes wrong with the machine that puts them together. What part of it do you first go for?

    • Storage – Make sure the sales leads you have qualified have been recovered and secured. Even if they are not, you should at least know before hand so you will know how urgent it would be to keep generating sales leads. Failure could mean the difference between doubling your energy procurement leads or simply maintaining pace.
    • Sources – Once you know if your current sales leads are safe, go back to the source of your information. Can you still connect to that source? Are there any alternatives to that source in case the source remains cut off? How soon can you connect with that source so you can start processing sales leads again?
    • Connections – Once you have retrieved your raw source of information for sales leads, you need to establish the fastest means to connect. This can be difficult when you qualified your B2B sales leads with a multi-channel approach so use speed as a way to identify the ones to repair first!
    • Permanence – Finally, you have to know if everything you just did right now would either stand to be a permanent solution or only temporary. If it is the latter, you know you cannot use it to acquire sales leads for too long. Try to shift it towards a permanent fix so you can get your lead generation process back go normal.
You may have a lot to save but you will lose them all unless you know which one to prioritize first. The different parts of your energy lead generation machine do not always run simultaneously. One portion still happens before the other. To summarize, find out how much you have to do to recover and start repairs at the very start of that assembly line. That way you can be one step ahead of whatever is causing all the trouble!

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