Sunday, April 2, 2017

Telemarketing Insightful What-Ifs

When people hear telemarketing and insurance, they usually start expecting a bad pitch that bombards with bad what-if scenarios. How can you turn that around for your own auto insurance company? The answer is simple: your telemarketing tactics should only propose what-ifs that actually have a point.
Using Telemarketing To Tackle Only The Most Likely Scenarios
Telemarketing conversations regarding insurance often turn out bad because a prospect feels secured enough without it. Instead of going forth to destabilize their confidence, why not focus on proposing insurance for the cases where that confidence is lacking? What you have forgotten is that looking for a problem is not the same as making a prospect think there is a problem.
  • Start by offering help – Do not hesitate to equip your telemarketing services with information resources regarding common vehicle-related risks. Instead of just asking them if they are concerned over this or that sort of accident happening, start by giving advice on prevention. That way, it will not look like you are generating auto insurance leadsbased on how accident-prone their business is.
  • Look at what is difficult to prevent – Once you have gotten to helping prospects prevent what is easily prevented, it is likely your telemarketing conversations will finally touch upon problems more difficult to prevent. Think of it like presenting your business as a safety net for trapeze stunts that will clearly have fatal results should that net not be there.
  • Admit your own limitations – Finally, there should always be honesty in auto insurance telemarketing. That includes transparency regarding what you can cover so that your prospects and customers will not think you are just covering up supposed ‘loopholes’ in your business.
Going back to the example of the trapeze act, you can even argue that skilled professionals do not ‘use’ safety nets often (if, at all). Why then do they still set it up? It is because, like good telemarketing, they know a single what-if is all that is needed for tragedy to occur. See to it that you generate your insurance sales leads only for the sake of making sure no similar tragedy befalls your prospects.

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