Sunday, April 2, 2017

Telemarketing Tips – Do Not Always Buzz With Buzzwords

Telemarketing for your cleaning services does not have to be annoying provided that you know your targets. What is also important though is that you must still not neglect the actual, word-for-word structure of how you talk to prospects. People think that telemarketing’s only advantage is being direct but there is still an element in a live conversation that also adds to that.

How Buzzwords Can Backfire On Telemarketing

Being able to talk naturally to a business prospect can still nail you some good business for your company. There is really a certain flexibility in a telemarketing conversation that you can have getting straight to the point in one moment and then making a long but convincing elaboration in another.

That cannot happen though when you think conversing for sales leads equates to putting buzzwords in your telemarketing strategy.

This does not mean that buzzwords are completely bad. They can be handy but they are just not as much what many first-time marketers make them out to be. You really do not need to use them all the time in telemarketing. Why?

  • It demands too much homework – There is doing your homework on a client and then there is forcing too much homework. Do you really need an entire MBA course just for a single telemarketing call? In a lot of cases, you do not.
  • It can confuse a prospect – Whether your know what you are talking about or not, you can never really tell if the same goes for your prospect. This makes your B2B telemarketing messages both confusing and generic.
  • They don’t even suit you all the time – If you are a cleaning company, it would far more fitting for your B2B telemarketing campaign to focus on just that: cleaning. Not ROIs. Not revenue. Just cleaning.
Granted, big business buzzwords can impress those who are accustomed to hearing them but face it. They do not always represent your target market, all the time. You have to be a business that is pretty high-end in of itself to even have a sort unspoken license to use them.
It is not exactly the first thing prospects would expect to hear from a cleaning lead generation campaign.

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