Sunday, April 2, 2017

Use Appointment Setting To Free Prospects From Restraints

Some financial service providers use appointment setting campaigns to promise security. However, some prospects in turn interpret security as constantly pinching pennies and feel that is enough. They do not need your expertise even though the real message behind your appointment setting strategy is to free prospects from such restraints!
Your Appointment Setting Campaign Should Be Out To Break Chains
There is plenty of good reason to use appointment setting campaigns as a means to encourage spending as much as saving. The problem is that the most hesitant prospects equate spending with splurging. A true leader in the financial  industry knows that is not about how much money is spent or saved. It is about how all of that ultimately achieves the desire of a business prospect.
For example, instead of an appointment setting process that evaluates how less your prospects spend on certain processes, see how those decisions are impacting their business. Are they denying something critical? Is their business dying out? Are their workers unhappy? If these are not questions you normally use to generate qualified financial leads, best start asking them now. If not, here are just some of the consequences:
  • Slow to zero business growth – Their finances are steadily increasing but are they really all right with its rate? Such prospects need your appointment setting campaigns to make them aware of how slow growth is a negative. They constantly struggle to get by with barely any improvements year after year. And all for what? Increasing their bank account? What good is that when they refuse to spend?
  • Business fears come alive – Does your prospect fear competition? Do they fear expansion? These are some things your appointment setting process should also look into. Make them realize that if they constantly hesitate to gain advantages, they are only securing themselves to see such fears come true. This does not mean irrational financial decisions but simply a note that shows fear can be just as irrational.
  • Vulnerability to misconceptions – Financial appointment setting campaigns are part of prospect education. Education is the remedy to misconceptions that were mostly likely planted into prospects’ heads. Now it is your job to use your appointment setting process to enlighten them on the truth about false, limiting financial beliefs.
What is the point of your prospects’ businesses when all they do is deny themselves the things that makes those businesses grow? Your appointment setting campaign could be the one thing they need to have them reflect on what they really wanted out of their ventures. Start acquiring your financial sales leads, like credit card processing leads, accounting leads, tax consulting leads, auto insurance leads, with the intention to free prospects from their own misinformed restraints.

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