Sunday, April 2, 2017

Using Lead Generation to Pass On Vital Expertise

While some businesses sell their products, others thrive in the business of marketing sheer knowledge. Whether it’s financial strategy, infrastructure planning, and even self-help, there’s always a market for raw expertise.
But more than products however, expertise can be dangerously subjective and their value is often volatile. As the world once again nears the end of another year, lead generation strategists have to wake up to this reality. It could mean the loss of vital information unless they know how to pitch its value properly to a new generation.
It’s no question that one generation of workers will eventually replace the currently existing one. But in the midst of that transition, lots of things are being lost. Or at least, they are being consigned to history. Sometimes this can actually be good thing (like in the events of old marketing strategies no longer applying). Though in other cases, the baby’s also thrown out with the bathwater.
The challenge though is not just in separating the two. It’s how that separation can improve or cripple lead generation initiatives for age-old yet still vital insights.
  • Pitch it as something to contrast – There’s a lot you can learn when you put the perspective of one generation with that of another. Differences can help you understand why some lessons no longer apply or alternatively, why the best idea could still be among the old ones.
  • Helping older customers transition – It’s especially helpful when you’re dealing with older prospect organizations whose contacts are also retiring. Use them to help you pass on to their successors on what it means to be a good buyer or why your product/service has always been a good fit for their company all these years.
In less than a month, a new year will dawn and the world’s businesses will be closer to passing the torch compared to the previous one. Are you prepared to do your part in marketing and passing on vital expertise?

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