Sunday, April 2, 2017

When Sales Leads Are Jumpstarted By Something Else

Sometimes the business leads of your accounting firm could result from no really big effort on your own. It could be the result of something else stirring the market and has business owners scrambling for your expertise. Qualifying these accounting leads a bit too normally might be a bit risky however. Understand what it is that raised their alarm and be wary about coming off as exploitative.
 Sales Leads That Come From Fee Increases
 An example could be the recent action by the city of Berkeley (as reported by FoxBusiness). A surge of sales leads for money-related services like accounting could rise when businesses suddenly find themselves in need of keeping tighter track of how much they are spending:
“For tattoo artists, annual registration fees will jump from $44 to $85. And home chefs will incur new yearly fees ranging from $170 to $425.”
In this case, it is likely that leads for accounting services will be detailing these numbers often when you are looking up your prospect information and what it is that most worries them. Of course, while this seems to be a natural reaction, you have to understand why that is exactly the reason you have to qualify these sales with caution instead of excitement:
  • They really would not rather pay – Clearly, no business owner wants to pay something that is too costly for comfort. When you are qualifying sales leads like this, you might notice your prospect feels pained and compelled. Avoid constantly bringing up the necessity of paying these fees. It is either they already know it or would rather find ways not to. Regardless, neither of them are good mental conditions for decision making.
  • They could be highly inquisitive about the fees – Some of them might even ask for your opinion on the matter. That is actually a good start as answering questions is part of qualifying accounting sales leads, like bookkeeping leadsand tax sales leads. You do not necessarily have to side with anyone either. The main focus should be using your expertise and giving a simply intelligent guess as to why fee increases like this occur in general.
  • They could be looking for someone who sympathizes – That person should be you, ideally. You cannot generate sales leads without some level of compassion towards helping your prospects with their problems. Offer anything in your accounting services that can help (even just slightly).
 No matter how many sales leads you need at any given time, understand that potential customers are never always happy to be one at the start. Such is the case when your B2B appointment setting prospects start including those who have just had a fee increase slapped in their faces. Understand their hesitation, their suspicion, and be of any assistance that you can muster.

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