Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why Targeted Sales Leads Can Sometimes Be Better than Public Attention

In this day and age, most marketers still think that the best way to maximize the number of potential clients is being as popular as you can.
And to an extent, there are a lot of facts supporting this idea. Companies like Salesforce and Goldman Sachs are well known faces in the business world. They’re big brands, wield a tremendous amount of influence, and get tons of press coverage (both good and bad).
Although, that doesn’t mean you’re set up to lose when you’d rather generate a substantial amount of sales leads without necessarily being a public face.
What you should be focusing on are targeted sales leads. Of course, even large brands could be carefully selecting their target markets for all you know. The difference between you and them however, can be startling:
  • You have fewer people watching you – Large brands, more likely than not, have a lot of eyes on them so there’s probably double the pressure to keep their marketing strategies a big corporate secret. You on the other hand won’t have to hide too much. And with less pressure, your sales teams can put more focus on defining ideal customers and communicating with them instead of watching out for who else might be listening.
  • Fewer third parties – Focusing on private relationships between businesses also means you have fewer people to please. (Did you know that private corporations in the U.S. are reporting faster sales growth since 2012?) When you can worry less about the press, your shareholders (other than customers and employees), and even the government, you have more brainspace to think about finding serving targeted clients.
  • Less pressure to get gimmicky – You don’t have to push your lead generators to adopt campaigns that would otherwise seem irrelevant if not for the public shock value. For example, Easter might be fun but you know enough about your customers to say that adopting the theme of the holiday won’t do much marketing-wise. Therefore, there’s less pressure to try costly, risky marketing stunts.
Garnering public attention can have explosive results. But when you’ve figured out that targeting individual prospects has proven better for your business, there’s no harm pushing through and forsaking the fame game. Nurturing your customers can sometimes be a far better investment than having all eyes on you.

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